Frontier Wholesale Systems and Online Tools
Systems and Online Tools

Frontier provides various systems and online tools to assist with Ordering Services and viewing account activities.

Frontier Online Ordering System

The online ordering application, Virtual Front Office (VFO), requires a completed and submitted Connectivity Form

VFO is web-based application that currently operates on Internet Explorer web browser version 8, 9 or 10 only. Effective July 20, 2014, VFO will also operate on Google Chrome version 32.

VFO Application

ALERT: Beginning July 20, 2014, VFO Password requirements will change. ALL VFO USERS will be required to change their password upon first log in after the change, to adhere to the new requirements. Please review the VFO Password Requirements Job Aid for more information.

Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP)

This online tool gives CLECs the ability to access their wholesale reports.

Customer Wholesale Portal Reporting Tool

To view the System Availability Schedule and exception notifications, please visit the System Availability page.