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CLEC Master Account Questionnaire Form (CMAQ)

Form Submission Type:

*Denotes Required Field

Requestor Information

Wholesale Customer Information

Wholesale Customers must submit a separate CLEC Master Account Questionnaire for each CCNA.

Product Options

Check all that apply:

Note: if ordering under Resale BAN, established Resale Agreement required.

State Specific Information

Check the States where you will order Frontier services.

Complete section for each state where your company will be doing business with Frontier.

1. OCN and State Tax ID Number are required for all product options. (Note: voice CLECs must provide UNE-P state specific OCNs)

2. SPID is required for LNP product options.

3. ACTL is required for Loop product option.

AL - Alabama

AZ - Arizona

CA - California

CT - Connecticut

FL - Florida

GA - Georgia

IA - Iowa

IL - Illinois

IN - Indiana

MI - Michigan

MN - Minnesota

MS - Mississippi

NC - North Carolina

NE - Nebraska

NM - New Mexico

NV - Nevada

NY - New York

OH - Ohio

PA - Pennsylvania

SC - South Carolina

TN - Tennessee

TX - Texas

UT - Utah

WI - Wisconsin

WV - West Virginia

Street Address Guide (SAG)/911 Contact Information

Contact to address 911 Address Discrepancies:

Ordering Contact Information

Contact to address service order issues:

Provisioning Contact Information

Contact to address service provisioning issues:

Escalation Contact Information

Contact to address provisioning/ordering escalations:

Maintenance/Repair Contact Information

Contact to address maintenance issues:

If your end-users call Frontier’s Repair Call Center in error, what number(s) should they be directed to call:

Billing Information

Billing Remittance

Provide the mailing address where your Frontier billing statements should be sent.

Billing Contact Information

Contact to address bill processing, adjustments, and payments:

Bill Media Options*

If 'Paper Bill' not checked, paper bill will be suppressed

Selecting BDT as a Bill Media Option requires a Billing Feed Connectivity Form submission.

Please access form at: https://wholesale.frontier.com/Forms/Billing-Feed-Connectivity-Form.

Method of Payments to Frontier*

Please visit https://wholesale.frontier.com/billing/payment-remittance for payment information.

Tax Exemption Contact Information

If the new wholesale billing account numbers are to be coded “exempt” from any applicable taxes and surcharges, certificate of exemption from the Federal Excise Tax and all other appropriate forms indicating exemption from state/local taxes must be provided.

All Tax Exemption Forms and any additional tax exemption information must be submitted via email to: wholesale.tax.exemption@ftr.com.

Issues related to completing the CLEC Master Account Questionnaire Form (CMAQ) should be directed to Frontier.Connectivity.Management@ftr.com.