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Frontier Connectivity Access Form

The Wholesale Customer must complete and submit the Connectivity Access Form to establish connectivity to Frontier Communications Operational Support Systems. All Wholesale Customer required information below must be provided for the request to be completed. 

*Denotes a Required field. 

Additional forms may be required, based on the information provided, and will be emailed to the Technical Contact provided below.

New or Change* (Select One)

Customer Requested Due Date

Requestor Contact Information

Wholesale Customer Information

CCNA/ACNA (Customer/Access Carrier Name Abbreviation)

Required for VFO set-up. Separate multiple entries with a comma.

CIC (Carrier Identification Code)

The CIC provided will be verified in NANPA’s Numbering Resources document. Separate multiple entries with a comma.

Carrier’s Virtual Front Office (VFO) Administrator or Requested VFO Administrator

Technical Point of Contact

Type of Wholesale Connectivity Requested

Access Module for ASR Transactions* (Select One):

*Note: If the user does not populate the Initiator Email address on the ASR, no email will be generated.

Local Module for LSR Transactions* (Select One):

Are Provider Notifications required via E-bonding Option Above?

*Generation of Provider Notifications (aka Line Loss Reports) Requires Registration to Customer Wholesale Portal: https://Wholesale.frontier.com/Wholesale/reports/login/

VFO Responses via Email:

*If 'Other' is selected, please provide email address or addresses of intended recipients in the Other Email Address box. (Multiple email addresses should be separated by a comma.)

Type of Responses to Email:

The LSR Status Email Notification subject line will include the status type and the PON of the impacted Local Service Request (LSR).

*Note: If the user does not populate the Initiator Email address on the LSR, no email will be generated.

LSR access for Local Wholesale Services also requires submission of the CLEC Master Account Questionnaire Form (CMAQ). LSR access for Standalone Broadband services also requires submission of the Wholesale Advantage Broadband Customer Profile Form.

TA Module for Trouble Transactions (Select One):

Correctly completed forms will receive a ‘Success!’ message. If a ‘Success’ message is not received, please review for errors. Acknowledgement and/or request for additional information will be provided within 72 hours of submission. You will receive an acknowledgement email once your form has been reviewed and is in process. Please email Frontier.connectivity.management@ftr.com with any questions regarding your submission.