Frontier VFO Training
Virtual Frontier Office (VFO) Training

Frontier is committed to providing Carriers and CLECs with the information needed to be successful in VFO.

Below you will find links to available training guides, job aids and other reference documents to assist you in completing LSR, ASR, and Trouble Administration (TA) transactions in VFO. Online training courses for VFO are also available in the VFO Online Training Video Library.


VFO Online Training Video Library


LSR Reference Documents


  • LSR Business Rules

    Pre-Order Tutorial

    Note: Links within the Pre-Order Tutorial are not available. Job aids and references shown on the Attachments tab within the Pre-Order Tutorial are available in the list of references to the left.

    For Directory specific LSR Transaction information, please visit the Directory Listing Training/Job Aids page.


    ASR Reference Documents



    Trouble Administration Reference Documents

    Getting Access to VFO

    Before a company can get access to VFO, they must complete and submit the:

    Frontier Connectivity Access Form

    To contact the Frontier Connectivity Team, please email: