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Internet Access

The need to be ‘connected’ is more important today than ever before. Trust Frontier Wholesale to offer the bandwidths required to meet the incredible data needs of today’s users.


Ethernet Internet Access (EIA)

Best for locations with high-speed connections with SLA guarantees to run their businesses.

Frontier provides the robust Ethernet access your customers require for high-speed Internet service. With our continued investments in infrastructure, and expanding coverage, we deliver a wide range of bandwidth speeds with flexible options, enabling you to better serve your customers.  EIA is delivered as a total service resale with available IPv4 addressing, Domain Name Service, BGP enablement and multi-homing support. EIA is fully functional for both general Internet access and SD-WAN underlay. MEF certified and Service Level Agreements (SLA) enable the quality performance of our service. 


Wholesale Advantage Broadband

Best for locations with less bandwidth requirements or as a diverse path for SD-WAN underlay.

Frontier’s Wholesale Advantage Broadband service provides an Internet access alternative using Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or fiber-based FiberOptic Internet Service. With the service, you can provide voice and Internet—or simply offer standalone Internet access—to consumer and business customers. Wholesale Advantage Broadband can also serve as an SD-WAN underlay, diverse from E-Path or EIA offerings.

Which option is best for you?

Broadband EIA

MEF Certified

Backed by SLA
Symmetrical Up/Down
SD-WAN Underlay Capable

Dedicated 24/7/365 Monitoring

Finished Internet Service

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