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Take your solutions and services to the edge with content and workload 
localization from a reliable partner.

Blazing Fast edge service

A network
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From remote applications like IoT and 5G networks to advanced innovations like AI and quantum computing, technology is pushing your customers and their data to new limits. To meet the ever-evolving demands of your network — including faster response, more CPU power and storage, higher bandwidth, and fewer delays — you need an edge presence with a partner you can trust. Frontier helps you bring data and workloads closer to users than ever before.

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Why choose Frontier?

Our outstanding capacity and low latency is ideal for:

  • Content delivery
  • Gaming
  • Machine-to-machine connections
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Artificial intelligence
Powerful network

Powerful network

  • 2,500+ Tier III/IV Central Offices
  • Millions of Sq Ft of space available
  • 180,000+ miles of fiber
Service across 25 states

Service across 25 states

  • Deploying end-to-end solutions where you need them
  • Competitive SLAs
  • 6.5 million poles across our footprint
Flexibility and speed

Flexibility and speed

  • Quickly provisioning circuits up to 100Gb
  • Supporting numerous diverse use cases

Close the proximity gap to your customers

With our expansive network footprint, we are uniquely positioned to help you leverage the benefits of Edge Services.

Evolving cloud apps and services won’t wait. Edge Services reduce latency to next-gen levels, helping you meet tomorrow’s technology demands.

Manage and monitor your data with Frontier’s advanced, private fiber network.

Maximize your investment by placing your hardware in any of Frontier’s edge locations with built-in power, space, cooling, and connectivity.

Manage routers and servers while customizing your security in anyor alledge locations.

Keep your customers connected- even in adverse conditions- with high availability, battery backup, and emergency generators.