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The reliable connection your customers need, built on a deep fiber footprint and backed by a partner who gets you.

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Network Switches

Ethernet that delivers more

Your customers need a wide-area network that leverages SD-WAN technology. They need more bandwidth. More endpoints. More resiliency and better reliability. And a commitment date they can count on. We work tirelessly to make all that possible. So you can deliver consistent, high-quality connectivity to your customers. With Frontier, you’ll have the deep fiber footprint to expand your reach, as well as industry expertise to help grow your business in the future.

Operation Center

High bandwidth for better performance

We’re working every day to make our network faster and stronger through our high bandwidth ethernet (HBE) architecture. Purpose-built for high capacity, HBE is designed to enhance capabilities across our E-Path and Ethernet Internet Access offerings.
With our ever-expanding HBE architecture, you can lower total cost of service delivery, improve customer experience and provide carrier-grade services. In addition, our extra high availability options -including failover EVCs and secondary EVCs – can further support SLAs that you offer your customers.

Fiber Optic

Your E-Path to stronger connections

Frontier E-Path is configured to help you create an excellent and uniform customer experience. With E-Path as an underlay, you can reliably extend your offerings across our 25-state footprint. Plus, you’ll have the bandwidth you need to manage traffic and applications across your retail, enterprise and government customer segments.

High end Delivery

Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

You can provide your dedicated service offering through our network. EPL provides dedicated Layer 2 point-to-point connectivity for a stronger network infrastructure while supporting your customers’ high-bandwidth, low-latency application needs.

Frontier network diagram

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)

Extend your Dedicated Ethernet services to end-user locations within our footprint.
EPL provides a dedicated Layer 2, point-to-point connection that leverages Frontier’s strong network infrastructure. EPL’s very high reliability supports your customers’ high-bandwidth, low-latency applications and your infrastructure or backhaul needs.
And these easy cost-effective options provide multiple points of resiliency to better support your SLAs.



miles as part of Frontier’s
advanced network



enabled Serving Wire Centers



speeds ranging from 5Mb to 100G

High speed Fiber Connectivity

Keep your network secure

Frontier’s Network Operations Center (NOC) achieves its mission of maintaining a reliable, secure, high available network infrastructure through extensive evaluation and optimization of operational workflow, careful planning, 24/7/365 monitoring and outstanding responsiveness.

What can you do with E-Path?

Choose a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-compliant, dedicated fiber service designed to meet or exceed the standards you need to support your service offerings.

Control your network and prioritize time-sensitive data with three Quality of Service (QoS) options, all backed by competitive circuit performance SLAS.

Get the connection you require over our large fiber footprint and benefit from our continued network investments. Our extra high availability options, such as failover EVCs and secondary EVCs, can further support SLAs that you offer your customers.

Provide high network performance to your customers with competitive SLAs for availability, mean time to repair, jitter, packet delivery and latency.

Keep your customers satisfied with a redundant network and failover options that minimize downtime and improve the reliability of your service offerings.