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As bandwidth needs increase, cloud connectivity becomes more prevalent and mobile backhaul fuels data delivery, Ethernet is the reliable and well-known solution you need.


E-Path: Higher speeds for better performance

Frontier offers a cost-effective and efficient method for connectivity to across our footprint. Our backbone network and single OSS Infrastructure allows you to share one NNI across multiple Frontier LATAs when using E-Path in an EVPL configuration. E-Path is also offered in an EPL configuration to provide dedicated connections across the Frontier service footprint. This innovative approach provides greater integration for your customers’ regional or national WANs and saves you time and resources by reducing the number of required interconnects.

Ethernet Virtual
Private Line (EVPL) 

Point to multi-point connectivity
EVPL configurations allow a single, service multiplexed NNI interconnection to aggregate connections from multiple end-user locations via Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) from any LATA within the Frontier service footprint. This regional hub Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) is ideal for connecting your customers’ Local Area Networks (LANs), data centers and remote sites. Quality of Service (QoS) attributes offer both integrity and performance and provide visibility across your customers’ network.


Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

Point to point connectivity
Frontier’s Ethernet Private Line (EPL) provides connectivity for private, secure data transport. It uses a dedicated User-to-Network Interface (UNI) for point-to-point connections and a single Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) for each UNI pair. Ideal for large data sets and applications that require high performance such, as voice and video applications.

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