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Wavelength Service

Security, reliability, and bandwidth-intensive applications are increasing the awareness of Wavelength Services. When you have hyper critical data needs, turn to Frontier Wholesale.

Frontier Optical Transport Service (FOTS)

Diversify your network without expensive build-out costs by leveraging Frontier’s robust wavelength service. Frontier’s Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) services and increased installation of ROADMs throughout our infrastructure provide a high-capacity, resilient network for all your traffic. Secure and transparent transport with highly scalable capabilities, FOTS delivers when you need it the most.

Point-to-Point Standard Wavelengths

2-Fiber Unprotected
Dedicated bandwidth and predictable latency.

Protected Wavelengths

2-FIber electronics card & Path protected, card protected, handoff
Access built-in protection layers at each location for network redundancy and disaster recovery.

Diverse Wavelengths

Fully diverse electronics and fiber paths minimize downtime with dual, fully-diverse paths and electronics


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