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Exchange Lookup Tool

This automated tool has been designed to assist with ordering Wholesale services from the Frontier-owned exchanges across our footprint. The tool will identify various company codes such as OCN, ICSC, LATA and SPID as well as tariff identification.

The search may be performed by either NPA/NXX or by the Serving Wire Center 8-digit code. Once a successful search is performed, the downloadable results screen will be displayed. If searching by Serving Wire Center, the results will show only one valid NPA NXX. Additional NPA NXX may be valid.

For areas outside the Frontier-owned exchanges, please refer to our Wholesale Help Center or contact us for more information. Contact information for our Wholesale centers is available from the Contacts and Escalation Lists menu on the left.

The Serving Wire Center entered is not valid or not owned by Frontier. Please try again or visit https://wholesale.frontier.com/contacts-and-escalation-lists for center contact information to inquire further.