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Ethernet Site Ready Guide

The following checklist outlines items that should be considered before the site walk. Completing items in advance will help prevent installation delays.

Please note: Frontier will install the circuit at the Telco Room or Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE) unless the order from the Carrier to Frontier specifies that the service needs to be extended, for which additional charges apply.

Basic Checklist

Access & Permission
  • The local contact customer should be familiar with the services ordered and be able to meet at the customer location.
  • The customer is responsible for providing access to the telco room / Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE).
  • If any special permission is required from the building owner to install services or work on the premises, the customer must obtain that permission.
Building Conduit
  • Customer must provide a cable path from the Right of Way (ROW) to the telco room / Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE).
    - Note: If the customer opts for the service to be extended, a path will also be required from the MPOE to the requested location of the Network Interface Device (NID).
  • Frontier will utilize common building telecom riser shafts where available, but the customer is responsible for any core drilling.
  • The customer must provide a ¾" backboard for the installation, usually 4' by 4'.
  • Backboard details will be reviewed during the Site Walk.
Power Outlet & Electrical Ground
  • The customer will generally provide one 120V 20A AC grounded outlet for Frontier’s equipment.
  • The customer may be required to provide an electrical ground bar.
Environmental Factors
  • Equipment space should be dust-free and maintained at 60°-85°F with 30%-55% humidity.
For an overview of the Ethernet Standard Site Survey Form click here.

Ethernet cost and availability inquiries may be submitted to your Frontier Account Manager.

If you are currently unaware of your assigned account management team, please email [email protected]

For assistance with ASR order submission, please visit the Ethernet Ordering page.

Frontier maintains the published a list of Ethernet Enabled Serving Wire Centers (SWCs).