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Broadband Services Contacts

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Broadband Ordering Center

Broadband Ordering Email Contacts

Wholesale Advantage Broadband & FTTP Local.Broadband@ftr.com
Bulk DSL (DSL Agency) NorthCentralEadgeTeam@ftr.com

Broadband Ordering Escalation List

Frontier requests 24 hours between escalation levels unless we miss commitment on return call or actions promised.

Contact Title Contact Info
Level 1
Ordering Center Customer Service Representative 888-668-7916 – Option 1
(Email Contacts Above)
Level 2
Marshall Brunson Manager 919-224-1172
Level 3
Pam Huber-Hauck Director 585-777-1071

Repair Contact Lists

If you are a Frontier Wholesale Customer, all initial trouble ticket submissions or trouble ticket status requests must be submitted using the Virtual Front Office – Trouble Administration Module (VFO-TA)

Note: For Wholesale Broadband, FTTP and Bulk DSL services, electronic trouble ticket submission is not available. See contact list below.

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