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Edge Colocation Overview

Our world is changing, our next applications, services and systems demand a new approach; software and hardware architectures are evolving, and a new way to deliver speed and performance for next generation technology is demanding a partner you can trust.

Frontier is pushing the pace of data transfer to new limits to deliver a better end user experience allowing customers to bring data and workloads closer to end users than ever before.

With over 2500+ locations and private connectivity across 160,000 miles of our advanced fiber network, our customers can route and serve from any Frontier edge location with built in power, space, cooling and custom security. Manage your equipment like any other on-premise hardware and keep your edge network working in adverse conditions with Frontier's high availability and emergency backup.

Edge Colocation by Frontier, bring the edge to you!

Please contact Frontier at Frontier.Implementation.Request@ftr.com for more Edge Colocation information!

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