Wholesale Operations



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Systems and Online Tools

Frontier provides various systems and online tools to assist Wholesale Customers with Ordering Services and viewing account activities.

FAQ Categories

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Frontier Online Wholesale Ordering System - Virtual Front Office (VFO)

Frontier's wholesale online ordering system the Virtual Front Office (VFO), is a gateway between service/network providers to process Preorder and Order Transactions for Access and Local Service Requests (including BTAS); Submit and manage Trouble Reports.

Frontier-MasterStream Portal

This online tool gives customers the ability to request instant price quotes for applicable services.

Frontier-Connectbase Portal

Frontier has engaged with Connectbase to provide our Wholesale customers a variety of options for consuming our network footprint, serviceable buildings, products and pricing.

Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP)

This online tool gives CLECs the ability to access their wholesale reports.