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The Frontier-MasterStream portal provides registered Agent Company Users with the ability to request instant quotes for Ethernet and Broadband products to end user customers in the Frontier Communications service territories.

Eligible products include:
- EIA (All Frontier Properties Excluding AZ, NM)
- EPATH (All Frontier Properties Excluding AZ, NM)
- Wholesale Advantage Broadband

The Frontier-MasterStream portal allows Agent Companies to request instant quotes, for end-user locations across the Frontier footprint, for the applicable services listed above. Quotes will be driven by base pricing as well as customer specific discounts as maintained in the application.

Note: Use of Chrome browser is required for full functionality of the Frontier-MasterStream portal.

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Methods of Access

Wholesale customers that do not currently have access to MasterStream may request access to the Frontier-MasterStream Portal by completing and submitting the Frontier-MasterStream Agent Company Registration Form.

Wholesale Customers that have direct access to MasterStream may submit a Frontier-MasterStream Cloud Registration Form to request access to Frontier quoting via their MasterStream instance.

To request quotes for services not eligible for instant quotes in the Frontier-MasterStream portal, please contact your Frontier Account Manager.


For any questions not answered in the User Guide, please contact the Frontier-MasterStream Support team by email at: [email protected].