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Frontier Virtual Front Office (VFO)

Frontier's wholesale online ordering system the Virtual Front Office (VFO), is a gateway between service/network providers to process Preorder and Order Transactions for Access, Local and Broadband Service Requests (including BTAS); Submit and manage Trouble Reports.

VFO performs automatic validation of service requests, provides secure and efficient business interactions and stores and maintains all service and trouble requests submitted, and subsequent notifications received.  VFO allows wholesale customers to enter orders and trouble tickets, pass them to the Frontier provisioning systems for processing, and receive updated responses from Frontier.

VFO is a web-based application that runs on current versions of Chrome and Edge.




Frontier offers a full array of online VFO Training. Please visit the VFO Online Training Video Library for more information.

Get Connected

Wholesale customers new to Frontier that would like to request initial VFO access may visit one of the Get Connected pages below for more information.

Once a company has initial access, all additional user credentials requests shall be referred to their company's VFO Administrator. VFO Administrators who need assistance or who require a password reset for their administrator ID should contact Frontier’s Connectivity Manager at: Frontier.Connectivity.Management@ftr.com.