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Wholesale Broadband

Wholesale Simply (Standalone) Broadband: Wholesale Simply Broadband is a broadband service that does not require a voice line to be installed. The services is installed as a dry loop service also known as standalone broadband.

Wholesale Broadband: Wholesale Broadband is a broadband service that is paired with a new or existing voice line.

Wholesale Broadband is available in most areas within the Frontier Footprint where DSL is provided. Wholesale Broadband is provided to locations that qualify for DSL service offered as “Up To” speeds subject to availability. This product is available to customers with an effective Wholesale Advantage Broadband agreement. Please contact your account manager for more information. If you are currently unaware of your assigned account management team, please email Wholesle_Inquiry@ftr.com.

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Training (Pre-Order and Order)

The Wholesale Broadband Training Guide is intended for customers ordering Wholesale Broadband services and is in addition to the information provided in the Frontier VFO User Guide.

Wholesale Broadband References

A glossary of Frontier wholesale terms is available to provide definition of terms you may see throughout this site. If you have any questions that we don't answer within this site or our Wholesale FAQs, please contact us.