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Directory Services

Directory Listing is a standard listing that includes the name, address and telephone number of an organization/firm/individual. This listing appears in the Directory Assistance records and the White Pages Directory.

CLECs are responsible for the content of their listing data and are subject to applicable regulations and are solely responsible for the editing, verification and correctness of their end users' listings.

Directory listings are available on Local Resale and Wholesale Platform services, and on a Standalone basis. Directory listings options are:
  • Straight Line Residence Listing
  • Straight Line Business Listing
  • Caption Business Listing

Directory listings are ordered via VFO or via Bonded method using the LSR process. Information and ordering assistance is available below.

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Publication Schedule and Specifications

Click here for Classified Heading Codes. For access to site, please use Login ID "frontier2010" and Password "pass2010".

Listing Verification Reports

To request a Listing Verification Report (LVR), please complete and submit the LVR On-Demand Request Form.

LSR Order Samples

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