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Location and Product Qualification

Frontier's Virtual Front Office (VFO) provides CLECs with the ability to qualify locations for Local services including Resale, UNE and Broadband.

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Available Pre-Order Transactions:

  • Address Validation Inquiry – TXTYP = A:  Allows CLEC to validate an end user address using a working telephone number or the physical address.

  • Appointment Scheduling Inquiry – TXTYP = D: Reserve date and timeframe for service installation. Requires a TXTYP A Address Validation prior to submitting reservation. Limited to 5 lines per Appointment Reservation ID. A reservation is held for 5 business hours from the time it is reserved (TXACT R or G.) .

  • Direct Telephone Number Selection – TXTYP = B: Reserve telephone numbers for noncomplex new service – Allows up to 5 telephone numbers per request to be reserved for 30 days.

  • Customer Service Records Inquiry – TXTYP = E: Provides access to Frontier data for the purpose of determining existing services for a specified end user.  CLECs can query by ATN or ECCKT.  The user can expect to receive both primary and non-primary billing numbers for the same customer at the same address, service line, features as well as CFA info associated with the ECCKT. CSR records containing 10K lines of data or more will be returned via the Customer Wholesale Portal.

  • xDSL Loop Qualification – TXTYP = H /K: Used to determine loop lengths, qualification indicator, products available and if necessary, the reason the loop is not qualified for DSL. Can submit by end user address or WTN. If the WTN is not owned by Frontier, then CLEC must use address instead. If the loop length is less than 18,000 feet, then the loop is qualified. If greater it is not qualified.

  • Loop Make-Up – TXTYP = J: Provides physical make-up of facilities at the selected location including bridge tap location and length, composition of the loop (copper or fiber), presence of load coils, quantity and spacing of load coils, and pair gain presence. (If automated response is not available a manual response will be provided within 48-hours via email)

  • Collocation Assignment Validation – TXTYP = N: Allows the CLEC to validate UNE loops and splitters for collocation assignments terminating in a wire center.

  • Loop Qualification Basic Inquiry – TXTYP = P/Q: Provides the user with whether the facilities located at a specific end user address qualify for ISDN service. The Basic Inquiry allows the CLEC to determine if the local loop supports ISDN.

  • Directory Listing Inquiry – TXTYP = T: Enables the CLEC to access existing listing data for the purpose of viewing existing listings for the specified end user. Depending on the specificity of the info, the listing database will return either the requested listing or a list from which the requester must select a more specific listing and enter a new request.

  • DSL Loop Qualification for Wholesale Broadband – TXTYP = X: Available to CLECs who have a Frontier Communications Wholesale Advantage Broadband agreement. Allows CLEC to perform a joint loop qualification and delivery address validation request or a standalone loop qualification or a deliver address validation request. If requesting loop info, will validate the service address and return all speeds available for DSL loop. If requesting deliver address validation will provide US Postal Service validated address.

  • Fiber Availability Inquiry – TXTYP = W:  Provides a CLEC with the facility environment serving the end user.

For field requirements by transaction, please refer to the current version of LSR Business Rules.

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