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Regulated Collocation Overview

Expanded Interconnection (a.k.a. Collocation) is a service which allows customers to interconnect with Telephone Company Special Access and/or Switched Access facilities at Telephone Company locations.

The Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) may request physical collocation or virtual collocation, or both, in Frontier central offices except in those that have space limitations, or where it is not technically feasible to provide a physical collocation arrangement. A single collocation arrangement may serve as the platform for interconnection to Frontier Access Services and Unbundled Network Elements (UNEs). Many CLECs are also Competitive Access Providers (CAPs) and utilize collocation arrangements for interconnection to access services as available per applicable tariffs.


Frequently Asked Questions

To establish a collocation arrangement with Frontier, please complete and submit the Frontier Collocation Application. For assistance with questions related to regulated collocation prior to the submission of a Frontier Collocation Application, please contact us at Frontier.Implementation.Request@ftr.com.