Frontier Wholesale Repair Contact and Escalation Lists
Wholesale Repair

If you are a Frontier Wholesale Customer, all initial trouble ticket submissions or trouble ticket status requests must be submitted using one of the following:

  • Virtual Front Office – Trouble Administration Module (VFO-TA)
  • E-Bonded TA (EBTA) via tML
  • Note: For Wholesale Broadband, FTTI and Bulk DSL services, electronic trouble ticket submission is not available. See contact list below.

    For more information please visit the Trouble Administration page.

    Exception: Opening trouble tickets by phone is acceptable during those times when our systems are unavailable. Customer notices are distributed and posted to our website providing notification of system availability exceptions. The System Availability Schedule and exceptions are available on the System Availability page.

    Escalation contact phone numbers to the Repair Centers are provided below.

    Frontier's Trouble Administration allows Trouble Tickets to be entered directly into Frontier's VFO application, or sent electronically to Frontier's Gateway.

    If you are a Frontier Wholesale Customer and would like to get connected with Frontier Trouble Administration, please visit the Connectivity and E-Bonding page for more information.

    If you are unable to open a ticket in VFO-TA due to system issues, please manually report the trouble by contacting Frontier (see lists above).  To report the VFO-TA system issue, please contact:

    If you would like to be included in the email distribution of the OSS System Availability updates, please visit the Subscribe to Notifications page.